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so long, 2012!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote that “I’m not even going to guess where 2012 will take me.” At the time, San Francisco was the only place I wanted to be, but I never dreamed I’d be here now, nor the route that would get me here. In January 2012, a former professor… Read more »

design geek: los angeles typography

The Design Geek series began as a way for me to collect and share my favorite aesthetic moments from Mad Men: all of the images and scenes and designery-insidery tidbits that make me straighten up in my seat. I absolutely had to bring back this feature for my very first post from the Best Coast. Downtown… Read more »

two weeks out

Last Friday was my last day working at Harvard. I spent a cumulative twelve years at the University, most recently five years at the Business School: first as Web Services Manager, then as their Digital Content Specialist. Now I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 14. I have twelve days left in Cambridge…. Read more »


Today I wore my Doc Martens to work. These are not tall clunkers painted with screaming skulls. It was icy and wet and miserable, so I wore my Docs to work today. They are watertight, slip-proof, and comfortable, so they have become a workhorse in my wardrobe on rainy or slushy days. I bought them… Read more »

top of the month: september

I know what you’re thinking: what happened to September? Short answer: SO MUCH. 1. I’m moving. To California. Cristo and I have been trying to get to San Francisco for years. First, I wanted to finish my master’s degree, and I graduated in November 2011. Then, I wanted to walk in the May commencement. Then,… Read more »


Last weekend, I went up to New Hampshire to coach my mom on her new iMac. The highlight of the trip was spending time with Maddie, a/k/a Trouble, a/k/a the cutest-tongued fluffiest puppy in the entire world. Note her little-lamb legs! Also, that her face looks like a Muppet! I had been warned that Maddie… Read more »