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this city is my city

After complimenting me on my hat, one of my favorite bartenders at Mr. Smith’s—right around the corner from our apartment—commented “Goorin Brothers, right? Their main offices are just around the corner from here; the staff come in a lot.” My jaw dropped. One of my favorite companies? Right in my neighborhood? I immediately googled for… Read more »


Today I wore my Doc Martens to work. These are not tall clunkers painted with screaming skulls. It was icy and wet and miserable, so I wore my Docs to work today. They are watertight, slip-proof, and comfortable, so they have become a workhorse in my wardrobe on rainy or slushy days. I bought them… Read more »

top of the week, 08.17.12

  01.tops: I used a chunk of my annual bonus to buy a MacBook Air! 02.thing that I bought that I love: The most beautiful artifact in my vast collection of typography books: Judith Schalansky’s Fraktur Mon Amour. Check out a video flip-through to get a sense. 03.get: Herman Miller offers some fantastically designed desktop wallpapers; I… Read more »

top of the week 06.16.12

  01+03.tops: hanging my boyfriend’s art at the RAW show in downtown Boston. On Thursday, we took over a corner of the Estate nightclub across the street from Boston Common, and filled it with paintings, comics, and his amazing stained-glass lamps. A bunch of friends and family dropped by, and the experience was a blast!… Read more »

top of the week 06.08.12

    01.tops: I’m planning to try and attend an author event with Lizzie Garrett of Tomboy Style this weekend. I’m an avid reader of her blog, and it will be a good excuse to pick up a copy of her book. 02.want: Maybe it’s just my sprained foot talking, but these super-comfy-looking shoes look… Read more »