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so long, 2012!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote that “I’m not even going to guess where 2012 will take me.” At the time, San Francisco was the only place I wanted to be, but I never dreamed I’d be here now, nor the route that would get me here. In January 2012, a former professor… Read more »


The most important thing I learned in college—the one essential skill I call on every single day—I learned in creative writing classes.

It wasn’t how to build a mood or frame natural dialogue; it was how to express and how to accept the distinction between work and the person who created it.

This past weekend, I learned that I am one of only 40 people in the Harvard community selected to participate in the University’s 3 Day Startup bootcamp (this year’s theme is “Entrepreneurship in Education”). During the preliminary phone interview, I was was asked how my creative writing major prepares me for a role in a tech startup. That was easy: I said that it equipped me to gracefully give and receive concrete and constructive criticism.

I’m on so many blasts right now. Yesterday was my first time at Boston Comic Con. I’m in the midst of grading twenty-one papers for a class I’m helping to teach at Harvard Extension School. I just figured out that a sequence of three small paintings I’m wrapping up is only the first piece in… Read more »

what made me happy this week

Things! This week has been cold and miserable and awesome. Read on to see what I’ve been up to. Every year before Valentine’s day, my office requests donations of unused or barely-used toiletries and cosmetics, which they donate to the Cambridge YMCA’s women and children shelter. This week I cleaned out my medicine cabinets, pulling… Read more »

hello, new year

Resolutions are for suckers and to-dos are for aspirants. I’m scheduling action items for throughout 2012. I’m getting things built, published, placed, and pushed through.