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Meet Evelien Lohbeck

Noteboek from Evelien Lohbeck on Vimeo. It’s rare that I come across a piece of art that I’m jealous I didn’t make, but this is definitely one of those moments. (via gizmodo) This might be a good moment to teaser the fact that the boy and I are deep in the plotting-out phase of a… Read more »

things that I bought that I love, part ii

I’ve been a little bit off-the-grid over the past three weeks. My classes are insanely time-consuming, my sister will be a married woman exactly two weeks from now, and I’ve got some exciting new things in the pipeline. I’ve also got some exciting new things in my life: my boyfriend and I have been very… Read more »

Kick-ass women in tech

I explained two weeks ago that when I first learned about Ada Lovelace Day back in January, I was about halfway through drafting this post, my response to—and in some ways, retaliation against—the many “best”/”most influential” people in tech list links that were flooding emails, facebook pages, delicious networks, and print publications right around the turning of the new year.

Final Project

Completed my final animation project on Friday. You can see it right here; just make sure to have the volume turned up on your computer. The animation was done in Maya, which is the same software that Pixar uses! I mixed the audio in Audacity, and did all of the post-production work in FinalCut Pro.

8 things that need to go away in 2009

In the spirit of my recent “Things that I bought that I love” tribute post, and with a nod to Arianna Huffington’s “Bye-Bye 2008: Things I Want to Forget,” here’s a list of things which all sane and rational humans should resolve to avoid in this young year. Some are altruistic, some are practical, some tongue-in-cheek. But I’m deadly serious about them all.