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top of the week, 08.17.12

  01.tops: I used a chunk of my annual bonus to buy a MacBook Air! 02.thing that I bought that I love: The most beautiful artifact in my vast collection of typography books: Judith Schalansky’s Fraktur Mon Amour. Check out a video flip-through to get a sense. 03.get: Herman Miller offers some fantastically designed desktop wallpapers; I… Read more »

it’s my favorite place

I’m there, too. It’s what my whole master’s degree and thesis project are about. Utterly LOVE this image. Steve exceeded all expectations. Love that, too. via Gizmodo.


I’ve only had my iPhone—has it really been just?—two weeks, and I already can’t fathom life before it. This device isn’t a luxury item, but a basic necessity for me.