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top of the week, 07.06.12

01.made I just posted this logo on my portfolio page: Pilar Alessandra is an incredibly gifted and well-established scriptwriting instructor out of Los Angeles, with a top-10 podcast. She approached me to design an identity for her sequence of summer classes, Camp On The Page. This was a vector art piece I created in Adobe… Read more »

news: doctor benjamin, doctor who, and posit design

So, I finished my thesis project. It’s a hypertext narrative examining the death of German-Jewish social critic, philosopher, and dialectical historian Walter Benjamin. I’ll be working on revising the written thesis this month, and turn it in next month; the official conferral of my masters degree will be in November, and if all goes… Read more »

interactive narratives

Did my thesis just become even more relevant? Mega-publisher Random House just struck a deal with California-based video-game design firm THQ, Inc. (more at MobyLives, via Rebecca Blood)