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so long, 2012!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote that “I’m not even going to guess where 2012 will take me.” At the time, San Francisco was the only place I wanted to be, but I never dreamed I’d be here now, nor the route that would get me here. In January 2012, a former professor… Read more »

two weeks out

Last Friday was my last day working at Harvard. I spent a cumulative twelve years at the University, most recently five years at the Business School: first as Web Services Manager, then as their Digital Content Specialist. Now I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 14. I have twelve days left in Cambridge…. Read more »

diy: comic book shelves

The paper bag from Million Year Picnic had been sitting on the dining room table for several days. At times, it had been shuffled into the dining room, or dropped on the bookcases in the hallway. It contained three single issues and a skinny anthology. These newest comic books—and smaller caches around our apartment—had no… Read more »

top of the week, 06.22.12

This week was pretty incredible: I tackled a simple, and hugely transformative, DIY project on Sunday, I spent Monday and Tuesday at the An Event Apart conference in Boston—I am so grateful to my employer for making that possible—and amazing things spun out of it, and I hunkered down in the air-conditioning for mini-marathons of… Read more »

down to the wire

By this time next week, my very last semester of classes will be over! I’ll have two big fun portfolio pieces, and the only thing standing between me and my master’s degree from Harvard will be the thesis project. I have three family Christmas gifts left to pick out, and can’t wait to set into… Read more »

hello, week!

A housekeeping post: My fall semester starts Monday, and since I’ve been dragging a little lately, I took two days off work last week to dust out my head- and living-spaces. The extra-long weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. In the past four days I did lots of laundry, watched pictures moving on screens, went… Read more »