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cocktail break

To make a cocktail I’ll go wild for, mix and match from the following: gin, cucumber, fresh basil or rosemary, chartreuse or lillet or st. germain, and maybe some fresh-squeezed citrus. For ages, my signature cocktail was The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse at Noir Bar, which contained four of the items listed above (gin+rosemary+green chartreuse+lime) with… Read more »

top of the week, 07.01.12

Not much of a totw post this week; I celebrated my best friend’s birthday last night, helped hang my boyfriend’s art show yesterday morning (he has every wall of the Middle East restaurant, for the whole month of July!), and I expect to become an aunt sometime in next few weeks. So, just take a… Read more »

top of the week, 06.22.12

This week was pretty incredible: I tackled a simple, and hugely transformative, DIY project on Sunday, I spent Monday and Tuesday at the An Event Apart conference in Boston—I am so grateful to my employer for making that possible—and amazing things spun out of it, and I hunkered down in the air-conditioning for mini-marathons of… Read more »

top of the week

New segment here on posit design: I’m getting on the weekly wrap-up train. Here are some of the coolest things I’ve done and seen, on the web and in the world, this past week. 01.look: A dress that famed Victorian stage actress Ellen Terry wore while playing the role of Lady Macbeth has recently been restored at… Read more »

game of thrones!

I posted this around the social web last week, so here it is here. My story is that I “discovered” a missing chapter from one of the Song of Ice and Fire septology, narrated by a new point-of-view character. Here it is!