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this city is my city

After complimenting me on my hat, one of my favorite bartenders at Mr. Smith’s—right around the corner from our apartment—commented “Goorin Brothers, right? Their main offices are just around the corner from here; the staff come in a lot.” My jaw dropped. One of my favorite companies? Right in my neighborhood? I immediately googled for… Read more »

a pavlova

My department at work organized a weeks-long series of social events themed around the Olympics. The hundred or so of us were organized into seven “national” teams, and I was assigned Australia. Upon hearing this, my boyfriend insisted I hang a photo of The Lord Humongous on my office door. The first event was trivia… Read more »

cocktail break

To make a cocktail I’ll go wild for, mix and match from the following: gin, cucumber, fresh basil or rosemary, chartreuse or lillet or st. germain, and maybe some fresh-squeezed citrus. For ages, my signature cocktail was The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse at Noir Bar, which contained four of the items listed above (gin+rosemary+green chartreuse+lime) with… Read more »

what made me happy this week

Things! This week has been cold and miserable and awesome. Read on to see what I’ve been up to. Every year before Valentine’s day, my office requests donations of unused or barely-used toiletries and cosmetics, which they donate to the Cambridge YMCA’s women and children shelter. This week I cleaned out my medicine cabinets, pulling… Read more »

best hot cocoa

I’m not a fan of cold weather, despite being NY-born and New England-raised. I shiver. I whimper. And when I get home, I often turn to an old-fashioned warm-me-up. And today was the first day of 2011 cold enough to require this treat. One of the greatest things I’ve learned in the past two years… Read more »

last week I…

Skipped the family affair to attend my friends’ Sixth Annual Weird Thanksgiving. There were two birds: turkey and emu, and everything else was potlatch. I learned that “dressing” is midwestern for “stuffing,” was reminded how incredibly witty everyone I know is, and discovered the cardgame “who beats who?” (and realized I know the game’s creator!)…. Read more »