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two weeks out

Last Friday was my last day working at Harvard. I spent a cumulative twelve years at the University, most recently five years at the Business School: first as Web Services Manager, then as their Digital Content Specialist. Now I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 14. I have twelve days left in Cambridge…. Read more »

top of the month: september

I know what you’re thinking: what happened to September? Short answer: SO MUCH. 1. I’m moving. To California. Cristo and I have been trying to get to San Francisco for years. First, I wanted to finish my master’s degree, and I graduated in November 2011. Then, I wanted to walk in the May commencement. Then,… Read more »


The most important thing I learned in college—the one essential skill I call on every single day—I learned in creative writing classes.

It wasn’t how to build a mood or frame natural dialogue; it was how to express and how to accept the distinction between work and the person who created it.

This past weekend, I learned that I am one of only 40 people in the Harvard community selected to participate in the University’s 3 Day Startup bootcamp (this year’s theme is “Entrepreneurship in Education”). During the preliminary phone interview, I was was asked how my creative writing major prepares me for a role in a tech startup. That was easy: I said that it equipped me to gracefully give and receive concrete and constructive criticism.

top of the week, 07.01.12

Not much of a totw post this week; I celebrated my best friend’s birthday last night, helped hang my boyfriend’s art show yesterday morning (he has every wall of the Middle East restaurant, for the whole month of July!), and I expect to become an aunt sometime in next few weeks. So, just take a… Read more »

top of the week, 06.22.12

This week was pretty incredible: I tackled a simple, and hugely transformative, DIY project on Sunday, I spent Monday and Tuesday at the An Event Apart conference in Boston—I am so grateful to my employer for making that possible—and amazing things spun out of it, and I hunkered down in the air-conditioning for mini-marathons of… Read more »

an event apart boston

Today I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the An Event Apart conference in Boston. My favorite designers, makers, and writers gathered in my own little town to share amazing insights, thoughts on where the web is going, and glimpses of their own process. I took copious notes—by hand, of course—the kind people are calling… Read more »