client Harvard Extension School

details This is the project I built for my master’s thesis.

My thesis project, Portbou 1940, is composed of interactive microsites which each reveal different facets of the last two days of Walter Benjamin’s life through the lens of his theories on history, art, and technology, and culminate in his alleged suicide. It is intended to serve as a portfolio demonstrating the breadth of my studies in digital media at Harvard Extension School. By no means comprehensive of all of my coursework, it incorporates static and dynamic website development, a design sense honed by classes in both graphic and web design, and a range of animation techniques acquired in courses on 2- and 3-D animation, as well as video editing classwork.

Walter Benjamin’s writing “sought to make sense of the impact of technology on artistic expression.” My thesis is a practical and theoretical visual study of the sometimes-uneasy partnership between art and technology. It is an interactive work of narrative art that explores questions surrounding Benjamin’s death by exploiting his own theories about narrative, montage, historical enquiry, and mechanically (re)produced art. The reader’s job is to navigate the game-like framework of interlocking stories and supplemental historical artifacts.

production hand-drawn illustration; hand-coded HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript; FinalCut Pro; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 2010-11.

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