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client Harvard Business School

details This was my day job for five years; it made everything else possible.

I was responsible for general site maintenance and approving edits by web liaisons. When I came on board as Web Services Manager, the site was entering a total redesign, and I worked with individual departments and editors on text and layout. Most of the reunion, career development, boards, and event/registration pages I either designed or built out from wireframes. I created the template for the Flash slideshow on the homepage; other co-workers have updated the images.

In addition to my work on the website, I led staff training seminars in HTML and website best practices. I was also named the School’s “dedicated Champion of Email Marketing.” I worked very intensely on the template for the monthly “What’s New at HBS” alumni newsletter, which I designed every month and coded from November 2007–November 2012. I designed the “What’s New” email archive landing page, and updated the code of archived newletters to guarantee correctness and standards-compliance.

I was also involved in researching and aggregating HBS alumni presences across multiple social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter.

production hand-coded HTML/CSS/JavaScript; Flash. 2007-2012.

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