see something, say something

triptych toilet paper stuck to shoespinach stuck in teethunzipped fly

details The “see, something, say something” triptych began with a desire to set out laws of common courtesy. It pays homage to both city subway counterterrorism campaigns and to the British “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters. An offhand quip inspired a quick sketch that I expected to develop into a simple comic strip. The idea for the triptych came to me almost three years ago; it was greatly delayed by my master’s thesis. The triptych, collectively, is the first piece in a new series of hyper-stylized comic-strip style paintings that I hope will compose a full-scale solo exhibit. Each painting is 4″x6″ inches in size. Prints will be available for purchase shortly.

media Acrylic paint and lacquer on canvas. 2012.

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