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a note on winter

via Because someone recently told me that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!” To that end, check out last winter’s layering guide to dressing for 15-degree weather.

Design Geek Review: bloomingdale’s holiday 2010 catalog

Taking a bit of inspiration from Nubby Twiglet’s recurring The Typofiles feature, this first post-Mad Men edition of Design Geek focuses on “found” typographic design. It also owes a bit to Nubby’s blog; I began receiving the Bloomingdale’s catalog shortly after ordering a wallet from their online store after first seeing it featured on her… Read more »

hello, week!

A housekeeping post: My fall semester starts Monday, and since I’ve been dragging a little lately, I took two days off work last week to dust out my head- and living-spaces. The extra-long weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. In the past four days I did lots of laundry, watched pictures moving on screens, went… Read more »

Design Geek Review: The Rejected

Last week’s episode of Mad Men—like the premiere—didn’t really merit a Design Geek Review. It wasn’t terribly fabulous, visually or otherwise. (I’m bored of the suburbs.) However, yesterday’s was wow! So here are some things that set this Design Geek’s heart racing last night: 1.&2. 3. 4.&5. 6. The Campbell apartment. Where to begin? The… Read more »


Orange zebra bracelet and green elephant bracelet from Furbish Design Studio.