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Yes I Want Please

The Bibliochaise. The Bookshelf Made of Books. Rebound Design’s recycled Book Bags—I’m rather partial to the Chicago Manual of Style. And the Bookcase Staircase, which you just have to click on through to see to believe.

From FLAB to FAB

I frequently use this corner of the web as a forum to mock particularly bizarre or ineffective advertisements. However, while it’s one thing to go all Photoshop of Horrors in producing weight-loss ads, it’s another thing entirely to not even bother with digital manipulation, in a really blatant and really, really dumb way.

more changes

Some readers have no doubt noticed that the layout of this blog changed dramatically a few weeks ago, from the old pink-and-green. That’s not the only change. My portfolio website,, is about 70% flipped to a beautiful brand-new template that I built for it.

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

My boyfriend and I were waiting for a green line train this weekend, and noted this juxtaposition of a pair of spectacularly ill-conceived advertisements; each seemed determined to turn off its audience from their products/services in a singularly aggressive way. First, let’s look at AirTran. They’ve had some seriously bad press recently in regards to… Read more »