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top of the week, 07.06.12

01.made I just posted this logo on my portfolio page: Pilar Alessandra is an incredibly gifted and well-established scriptwriting instructor out of Los Angeles, with a top-10 podcast. She approached me to design an identity for her sequence of summer classes, Camp On The Page. This was a vector art piece I created in Adobe… Read more »

all that is wrong in the universe

While this “pink turd” (to borrow and slightly tweak Gruber‘s lovely turn of phrase) is truly, truly hideous, it actually is pretty much on par with the kind of clueless-about-half-the-species sort of whiz kids who named the iPad (and designed the upskirt-y Apple Store staircases). via

shameless friend-promotion

I’ve been, well—I hate to used the word “blessed” because I don’t necessarily believe in a big sky-deity doling out blessings, and I don’t want to say “lucky enough to,” because I hope there’s something in me attracting wonderful people, but—I know and love and respect and am known, loved, and respected by some pretty… Read more »

process work

I’m slightly obsessed with seeing work-in-progress. I was lucky enough this morning to stumble across a draft of a lasting brilliant piece of design work that transcends into art. Every designer need reminding that nothing comes from wholecloth, and that every iconic image is the work of actual human hands. Process, process, process. Note that… Read more »


I’ve only had my iPhone—has it really been just?—two weeks, and I already can’t fathom life before it. This device isn’t a luxury item, but a basic necessity for me.