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design geek: los angeles typography

The Design Geek series began as a way for me to collect and share my favorite aesthetic moments from Mad Men: all of the images and scenes and designery-insidery tidbits that make me straighten up in my seat. I absolutely had to bring back this feature for my very first post from the Best Coast. Downtown… Read more »

kenyon vowel chart

Super basic, intro-level International Phonetic Alphabet. There is nothing remotely like this or as useful as this or as cleanly-designed as this on the interwebs, and I have looked. So I made one for you. Dear the interwebs, you are welcome.


The most important thing I learned in college—the one essential skill I call on every single day—I learned in creative writing classes.

It wasn’t how to build a mood or frame natural dialogue; it was how to express and how to accept the distinction between work and the person who created it.

This past weekend, I learned that I am one of only 40 people in the Harvard community selected to participate in the University’s 3 Day Startup bootcamp (this year’s theme is “Entrepreneurship in Education”). During the preliminary phone interview, I was was asked how my creative writing major prepares me for a role in a tech startup. That was easy: I said that it equipped me to gracefully give and receive concrete and constructive criticism.

top of the week, 08.17.12

  01.tops: I used a chunk of my annual bonus to buy a MacBook Air! 02.thing that I bought that I love: The most beautiful artifact in my vast collection of typography books: Judith Schalansky’s Fraktur Mon Amour. Check out a video flip-through to get a sense. 03.get: Herman Miller offers some fantastically designed desktop wallpapers; I… Read more »