Artist’s Statement

I am an illustrator and sculptor, dealing primarily with portraiture, figure drawing, and symbol. Digital is just another tool in my mixed-media arsenal, like clay or ink.

Drawing on my background as a poet and creative writer, my visual work is highly narrative, and often explores territory between the safe and the uncanny. Celebrating the liminal, it is multimedia in the truest sense: I enjoy working in—stretching the limits of and combining—both physical and digital media.

I am influenced by Austrian artist Egon Schiele, Medieval and Romanesque woodcut, the art of the Neue Sachlichkeit group (especially George Grosz and Otto Dix), Antonin Artaud, Francis Bacon, Dorothea Tanning, Maira Kalman, and Molly Crabapple.

Visit my fine art portfolio.

Recent and Upcoming Exhibitions

Baby, It’s Cold Outside… Washington Street Art Center. December, 2009.
FPAC Gallery at The Channel Cafe. September, 2009.
For the Love of Music. The Middle East. August–September, 2008.
Centennial Community Art Show. Harvard Business School. April, 2008.

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