A designer who codes: now in San Francisco!!

christine bower

photo by mick murray

I am a designer for print and web, award-winning writer, storyteller, animator, and fine artist.

I combine all of these skills to build Dash for General Assembly: a product that teaches people to build awesome websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Since 1998, I’ve blogged about gorgeous typography, good code, great food, and design of every stripe—interior, graphic, fashion, or industrial.

I hold a master’s degree from Harvard in information technology, with a concentration in digital media arts and instructional design. My undergraduate double major was philosophy and creative writing.

Geography is no barrier; I work with clients from Boston and New York to Los Angeles. I have strong relationships across the local bar-and-restaurant industry scene, which I serve as a media and technology consultant. In addition to my design work and media consulting, I also call on my skills in marketing management, public relations writing, ecommerce strategy, and social media marketing while collaborating on client projects.

Any day can be brightened by drinking a cup of strong coffee, acquiring a really fine black pen, digging deep into a great book, relishing raw shellfish, or discovering a truly amazing font.

Winning trivia games is my superpower.

Learn more about my webwork by glancing at my CV, and about my artwork in my artist’s statement.

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