so long, 2012!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote that “I’m not even going to guess where 2012 will take me.” At the time, San Francisco was the only place I wanted to be, but I never dreamed I’d be here now, nor the route that would get me here.

In January 2012, a former professor asked me to be his teaching fellow. Kishan Mallur’s e-commerce entrepreneurship class was where I first realized that I had amassed a very rare combination of skills: a strong eye for design, a head for the code that builds websites, a strong command of written language, and a background in print and digital marketing. Learning in that class, almost eight years ago, that design and development skills don’t usually come hand-in-hand, was really important for me. The opportunity to help teach the class was something I couldn’t turn down, and a commitment that dominated the first few months of the year.

In April, I attended my first Comic-Con, in May I walked in Harvard’s graduation ceremony, and in June I attended the An Event Apart conference. Afterwards, my notes from that event went just a little bit viral in the webworker community, and were featured in the Responsive Design Weekly newsletter. July brought the launch of the MINOblog and made me an aunt—in the person of a tiny wonder named William Wesley.

Then, on September 16, Cristo asked me how many resumes I’d sent out for jobs in San Francisco. None, I confessed. We planned, schemed, enlisted conspirators, and bought our plane tickets that very day: one-way, Virgin America, December 1. After that, October and November became all about getting out of Massachusetts, and December has been about settling into California. We expected to be travelling back and forth between LA and SF a lot, but found a fantastic apartment almost immediately, in SOMA, and closed the deal on it. I’m working on an in-depth article about all the tech that made the last month possible; that will be published here early in the new year. I’m also being extremely deliberate in my job hunt: I’ve submitted maybe a dozen resumes and cover letters—almost exclusively to companies I love whose products I use.

At the beginning of 2012, I wrote that “resolutions are for suckers and to-dos are for aspirants.” I made two commitments: to produce 34 physical pieces of art in 2012, and to make substantial progress on my long-form interactive cyberpunk comic, code-name 2078. I met neither of these challenges, but hey, I’m in San Francisco now. The opportunities to make real art, and to produce crazy branching digital narrative—and to get paid well for it—are so numerous and so everywhere here that I can feel the right track slotting into place beneath and in front of me.

It’s a rare thing to have the opportunity to approach a brand new year in a brand new place. I’m still job-hunting, and I’m still learning this amazing city where I still feel like a tourist: a bit starry-eyed. So, 2013: I love you already. Bring it.

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  1. s.

    Please keep updating…this is the only way I find out the details of what you’re working on.

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