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design geek!

The Design Geek series began as a way for me to collect and share my favorite aesthetic moments from Mad Men: all of the images and scenes and designery-insidery tidbits that make me straighten up in my seat. I absolutely had to bring back this feature for my very first post from the Best Coast.

Downtown Hollywood is a typographic dream. This is where art deco and midcentury modernism run away to make sweet love—and somehow, it really works. Cristo and I took a walk down Hollywood Boulevard and I was unable to resist capturing a few fantastic type specimens.

The Supply Sergeant is a classic army-navy store on Hollywood Boulevard. There’s a pin-up girl straddling a bomb Strangelove-style on the front of the building, and the old neon must look spectacular after dark.

This doorway, the type specimen in which the street number was marked, and the way the sunlight played off the grey-and-yellow (one of my all-time favorite color combos) made an irresistable combination:

Hollywood Toys & Costumes, also on Hollywood Boulevard, is exactly what it sounds like; the “since 1950″ visual identity is spectacular. Their logo is repeated in a floor mosaic just inside the door: we had to go in and ask if they had an Alien chestburster-on-a-harness. Because how brilliant would it be to walk around wearing an alien half-bursting out of your torso for Halloween? No luck.

No one walks in LA. But we’re from Boston. And, honestly, my body was getting really unhappy with how sedentary life in Los Angeles is. Last night, on a stroll through the neighborhood where we are staying, another great old-school sign caught our attention:

I’ve learned that folks in California apparently think Boston is really awesome, and letting locals know that that’s where we’re from brings out tons of instant goodwill. I also discovered a stereotype that people apparently have about Boston: they think we use a lot of curse words. All the time. We’ve actually had people say, “You’re from Boston? You don’t swear as much as I expected.”

The job hunt is going really well: I’m getting tons of contacts from headhunters and recruiters; I’ve been sending off a few resumes and cover letters each day; and we’ll be up in San Francisco full-time starting next week.

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