top of the week, 08.11.12

This man is one of the seminal figures of punk rock. And of heavy metal. Cristo and I caught HR from Bad Brains at a tiny club in Somerville on Saturday night, playing to a crowd of about two dozen people. WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!! So, that happened. In real life. We both shook the man’s hand. And what a show.

02.get This is Dom Diogo. Dom Diogo is a Portuguese wine that is somehow both a vinho verde AND a rose. It is more petillant than fizzy and is right up there with air conditioning as perhaps the coolest thing about summer 2012.

03.want I love, need, must have this Log Lady inspired sweater from Odilon by Stacey Clark.Yes, it says “price upon request,” I know. But any price is worth it to own this typographic-Lynchian-nerd creation. Ballsy Roz, analytical Tony, and flaky Charis. I love these ladies; I lived with them (and with Zenia, their dark angel) for over a year while writing my undergraduate creative writing thesis on Atwood’s The Robber Bride. I’ve missed them, and I hadn’t expected that, or quite how much—until I revisited them in this thirteen-page gem of a reunion.

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