top of the week, 07.06.12

01.made I just posted this logo on my portfolio page: Pilar Alessandra is an incredibly gifted and well-established scriptwriting instructor out of Los Angeles, with a top-10 podcast. She approached me to design an identity for her sequence of summer classes, Camp On The Page. This was a vector art piece I created in Adobe Illustrator, and I’m pretty proud of it. Pilar plans to print up t-shirts for all of her summer students, and I can’t wait to see pictures of them wearing my design!

02.grinned Last weekend, I celebrated my friend James Caroline’s birthday at Central Kitchen, one of my very favorite Cambridge restaurants. Jamie was the first friend I made when I moved to Boston 12 years ago—almost to the day! And yes, the pattern on that dress is geisha-sugarskull-zombies.

03.tops I’m a huge fan of the illustrator, designer, and typographer Jessica Hische. I’m also a regular reader of Russ Maschmeyer’s Strange Native blog. So I was vicariously delighted when the two of them announced on their respective blogs a few months ago that they are engaged. I’m not a big wedding person at all, and like wedding websites even less. But the two of them knocked it out of the park with theirs.

04.saw This “how to trim your own bangs” tutorial from the always-helpful Refinery29 is brilliant. My aspiring Patti Smith/Marianne Faithfull/Jane Birkin/Grace Slick do just got a whole lot simpler to maintain. Watch out for the video autoplay!

05.thing that I bought that I love I’ve been on the hunt for a summertime moisturizer with a decent SPF for months. My regular product was not adapting well to the warmer air, but the clincher was seeing this photo on kottke: a German truck driver with consistent sun damage to only half of his face. I am very fair-skinned, so my conditions were that it had to protect against both UVA and UVB rays, needed an SPF above 25 (most moisturizers and BB products are 15-20), and it had to actually be a dry-skin-caliber moisturizer. I found a winner: La Roche Posay’s Hydraphase UV, from a brand I trust my skin to (can you tell?), with SPF 30. I’ve actually been using it for almost three weeks, so I’m confident in saying I love it.

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