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New segment here on posit design: I’m getting on the weekly wrap-up train. Here are some of the coolest things I’ve done and seen, on the web and in the world, this past week.

01.look: A dress that famed Victorian stage actress Ellen Terry wore while playing the role of Lady Macbeth has recently been restored at a cost of over £50,000. The dress is over 120 years old, took 1,300 hours to repair, and is made of more than 1,000 beetle wings.

02.want: This usb drive is only a prototype; I love the concept.

03.tops: Tina Roth Eisenberg, best known by her nom de blog swiss miss, delivered a talk to readers of She discusses her life, work, beliefs as a designer, and her transition away from client work towards creating personal projects (which people then pay her for!).

04.made: I finally finished the see something, say something triptych! And I’m amped to start on the next set of paintings.

05.grinned: Loved (and retweeted!) this message by local webworker ari rizzitano.

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