top of the week 06.08.12

tops: tomboy style eventwant: lilo shoes ttibtil: kate spade bookslook: freedom riders


I’m planning to try and attend an author event with Lizzie Garrett of Tomboy Style this weekend. I’m an avid reader of her blog, and it will be a good excuse to pick up a copy of her book.

02.want: Maybe it’s just my sprained foot talking, but these super-comfy-looking shoes look super-cute to me!

03.things that I bought that I love: A pair of books, Style and Manners, published under the aegis of the Kate Spade brand. They were produced as a limited edition, but you can find them used if you look hard enough.

04.look: An old favorite, girl freedom riders. Maybe it was John Lewis’s appearance on Colbert, or maybe it’s the Lizzie Garrett event. For whatever reason, I want to share this collection of 1961 mug shots of young female Freedom Riders that appeared on the Tomboy Style blog in January. There’s something startlingly contemporary about these images; their subjects look very much like ladies I would be friends with.

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