last week was…

all about FOCUSING.

I’m spinning my wheels between three sprawling creative projects: my enormous graphic novel, a shorter 5-20 page comic I’m writing/illoing for a book competition, and my ss/ss triptych. Plus I just picked up a freelance web gig kind of by mistake. Now I need to slow down and actually bang at them.

I couldn’t resist picking up the new Coilhouse magazine over the weekend, and between the bond-girl-if-the-soviets-won-the-cold-war-noir vibe of the editorial fashion spreads and the interviews with Terry Gilliam and Paul Pope, WOW am I anxious to write+draw+write+draw at my own little dystopian nightmare. It had sort of slipped my mind how utterly enormous an influence Brazil is on the plot and imagery of my story, and Pope pretty much demanded a future explosion of 300-800 page graphic novels in originally-book form. I’m trying, guys! To that end, I’m also re-reading Lauren Beukes’ phenomenal cyberpunk novel Moxyland—I dig her takes on corp and tech, and I also want to make certain I don’t follow her too closely. (Yesterday, for example, I found out I had accidentally named one of my evil corporations after one of hers. Oops!)

I just learned through the social media grapevine about an open call-for-submissions for a new comic book fairy tale anthology. Given that my undergrad thesis was a collection of about 60 poems based on folk and fairy tales, classical and biblical myths, and that I illustrated many of them, I think I can handle this. The best part: the deadline isn’t until April. My working plan is to write the script in December, complete roughs by the end of January, and draw/ink in February and March.

The triptych is (obviously) a sequence of three paintings. All are sketched, one is about 60% painted, and all have been sitting in a box in my bedroom for the past 2+ years. I’m still as excited about this project as I was before I started it. Why isn’t it done yet? I need to get on that ASAP.

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