Happy Ada Lovelace Day!!

In the last three weeks, my programming class has kept me too busy playing my hand at being Ada to put together a coherent piece on the order of last year’s ALD post. But I’m already planning something all-out for next year. So this one’s a quickie.

Much of tech right now is dominated by social media. And one of the big rumors floating around is that because women are more “social” than men, we dominate social media. And that’s not quite the case.

So, for Ada Lovelace Day, you should check out the following brilliant geek girls, web designers, software developers, and connectors on Twitter and elsewhere.

@randomdeanna is Deanna Zandt. I was beyond lucky to have the opportunity to attend her talk at last year’s Women Action & The Media conference in Cambridge. She wrote the BEST guide to twitter anywhere; it’s where I send absolutely everyone who’s new to the network. She’s also the author of the forthcoming Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking—yes, she literally wrote the book on social networking. And used social networking to crowdfund the writing process.

@mollydotcom is Molly E. Holzschlag. She is the face and brain of web standards. If you hate spacer.gif, if writing jerky workarounds for IE6 grinds your gears, if you value your web browsing experience—well then you owe Molly a beer. She’s intensely involved in the development of CSS, HTML5, and of the Opera browser. When I wanted to be a professional writer, I wanted to be Margaret Atwood; when I studied philosophy, I looked up to Sam Power and Catherine Elgin; Molly Holzschlag was the first role-model I had when I became involved in computer science and began to think that I could do this as a career. I wrote about her last year for ALD; I want to hug her.

@Skud is a genius. Kirrily “Skud” Robert came across my radar via twitter, when her OSCON keynote talk on women in open source was making the retweet rounds. Her feed is brilliant and relevant and she’s hands-down one of the most important women in any part of the tech community today.

@thisisstar is Star St. Germain. I’ve raved about her amazingness here.

@teruterukama is Kama Lord. A former coworker of mine, in many ways Kama—more or less unintentionally, simply by being herself—taught me how to be female in tech without sacrificing my identity or personality. She’s a fresh gust of smarts, brutal honesty, and one of the snazziest dressers I know: think bright pink hair and a veiled pillbox hat.

Also, special love to a current coworker: the brilliant poet/programmer Dawn Gabriel. She’s a software engineer and mom to 8-year old Henry as well as a pair of amazing twin girls named for programming languages: Ada and Alice, who will be a year old on May 3.

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