shameless friend-promotion

I’ve been, well—I hate to used the word “blessed” because I don’t necessarily believe in a big sky-deity doling out blessings, and I don’t want to say “lucky enough to,” because I hope there’s something in me attracting wonderful people, but—I know and love and respect and am known, loved, and respected by some pretty phenomenal people. And I feel blessed every day that they are in my life. I’d like to introduce two of them. They are both masters of self-branding with no boundaries between their personal passions and their day jobs that inspire and complement their goals; what you see is what you get is who they are. I truly admire and am inspired by them.

Emily Cavalier.

I’ve known Emily since we were 15. She’s a true BFF; the only person from my hometown that I’ve never fallen out of touch with. She’s the very first person who ever called me a poet. She’s been my gateway to knowing wonderful people and having incredible life-changing experiences and finding confidence in myself in ways that I can’t even approach the ability to articulate. In other words, she is simply, passionately, flat-out amazing. She says “yes” to life in ways that would scare most people. Nowadays, Emily is a social media superstar who makes 6-figure deals before breakfast. She’s building her own Brooklyn-based empire tweet-by-blog post, and is truly a living embodiment of the power-potential of personal connection and unbounded enthusiasm.

You can find Emily all over the web: her personal blog is; she records day-to-day moments of joy at her tumblog,; and her passion-project is the neverending love-letter to NYC, She also tweets as EmilysPearl.

Star St. Germain.

Star is one of those people who seems to have 80 hours in each day. Or else robotic doubles. She’s phenomenally great at pretty much everything that it’s possible to be good at. She’s the kind of friend that you can call and say, “hey! I’m in your city,” and have plans with the same night. If she wasn’t so sweet, you might be jealous. Star’s a web developer, graphic designer, illustrator, jewelry and clothing designer, photographer, filmmaker, animator, brilliant poet, composer, cellist, singer, model, blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur, just to name a few. A master of all and dilettantish about nothing. She’s the kind of person you want to be when you grow up. And she’s only… 26?

You can dive into Star’s gorgeous, immersive world at, and follow thisisstar on twitter.

These two lovely and talented rockstars are just the tip of the iceberg—check out more fantastic folks in my linkslist under the heading “talented friends.”

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  1. Emily Cavalier

    Thank you, Bean. You know this means so much to me. You have always supported me in everything I’ve done and I truly, truly appreciate that. You’ve developed into this amazing woman with so many talents, and are so smart it’s almost scary. I can’t wait to see all the fruits of your many gifts.

    Love you.

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